Shop Drawings

Construction Communicator helps you quickly and easily manage your shop drawings comments. Here's how. 
The architect logs each new shop drawing submittal into the online construction project management software and forwards the submittal to the appropriate consultant.  
After reviewing the shop drawings, the consultant returns the required action (e.g., "make corrections as noted") and any comments to the architect who returns this information online to the contractor. 
Construction Communicator's Submittal form, a basic element of contract administration  
Automatic e-mails notify the individual parties that an item needing their attention has been posted online.  
The information is date stamped, logged and displayed in a graphical calendar, all automatically. 
All authorized members of the AEC team see identical information. Architects, contractors, engineers and design consultants can all easily toggle between the summary log/calendar information and individual screens to view detailed information.  
The process can take as little as a few minutes. Using traditional methods, this type of communication often took anything from a day to several weeks. 
Other construction paperwork, including RFIs, ASIs and change orders, can also be submitted and tracked online.

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